Investing In Gold And Silver For Capital Preservation And Appreciation

Thinking Of Investing In Gold? Consider Silver

There are many experts who believe silver is a better investment then gold. Silver has some benefits that gold does not have.

There are many experts who believe silver is a better investment then gold. Silver has some benefits that gold does not have.

Historically during a precious metal bull market silver generally has a greater percentage increase. In prior precious metal bull markets there have been times when silver has tripled when gold has only doubled. There have been some prior periods where silver has increased four times while gold has only doubled.

The demand for silver is built on three main uses: 1) jewelry and silverware, 2) coins and metals and 3) industrial. By far the largest of these categories is industrial. Silver has far more industrial uses then gold.

This industrial demand supports the price of silver. With countries like China and India becoming more and more industrialized the demand for silver is huge and continues to grow. Many experts are worried that mine production and secondary recovery techniques will not be able to keep pace with demand. Many have even predicted that a silver shortage will occur.

Whether or not a shortage occurs it is a good bet that increasing worldwide demand for silver will continue to push the price of silver up. This makes silver an attractive investment.

The other big advantage to silver is price. Many people considering a precious metal purchase cannot afford gold, which right now is well over $1,300 an ounce. On the other hand silver is around $25 an ounce. The price point for a silver coin makes silver affordable for everyone to acquire.

One practical option for the limited investor is to purchase newly minted and graded coins. For example for around a hundred dollars anyone can buy a 2010 certified MS70 U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar. These come encapsulated for protection. The fact that the coin is certified as mint state 70 gives it some numismatic value. Keep a coin like this for 10 years and you may see some increase in value, even if the price of silver does not go up.

Like gold, silver has never been worth zero. Also like gold, silver can be a hedge against inflation. I am not saying silver is a great investment or even a safe asset. There is always some risk with the purchase of any asset. What I am saying is that the price of silver allows anyone to invest. You can purchase 10 certified MS70 American Eagle Dollars for less then an ounce of gold will cost.

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