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Expert Suggested Strategies To Sell Your Gold Pieces At Best Price

All sellers and gold jewelry retailers would want to be paid reasonably and not below what is projected. Each and every one of us would want to be paid more.

All sellers and gold jewelry retailers would want to be paid reasonably and not below what is projected. Each and every one of us would want to be paid more.

If you want to put on the market your gold jewelry at its highest value, you must learn to wait at the right time. It also has the need of gambler’s nerve or a banker’s intuition to do it. You can sell your pieces at its utmost value providing you would not impulsively sell it.

Cited below are some important tips on how to market your precious jewelry at a equitable price or more.

1. Conduct research and find out the proper value of your gold item

Assess your jewelry piece. Identify the karat percentage of the jewelry by looking at carvings or marks. Markings you may perhaps see are 10k, 14k, 18k or 24k. 24k. These numbers are considered to be pure gold and 10k has the least amount of gold.

You also need to discern the weight of the jewelry. Find someone who has a gram scale if you do not have one.

2. Go to the pawn shop

Bring your jewelry to a pawn shop near you. Ask them to access the value or the quality of your item or let them appraise your items. If you inquire nicely, they can even give you pertinent figures about your item like its weight, karat and gemstone if there’s any.

Ask at what price they are going to buy your jewelry but do not market it to them. Compare price value with other pawn shops in your district. This is intended to gather details and information, not to put up for sale your jewelry. Doing so would allow you to get a good idea of how much you will get from the pawn shops.

Also, find out how they calculate the percentage they pay for gold. Show the value of gold when calculated by grams multiplied by the karat then times the current value.

3. Confirm gold prices each day and do calculation at home

The costing of gold fluctuates every day. Given that you know how to measure the value of your item, make your own calculations regularly. Be aware that gold is weighed by gram but paid in ounce. So take note of that. You can use this trusted website ( to check the market price for gold.

4. Make up your mind as to where you plan to sell your piece

Visit stores that specializes in gold and inquire if they are buying gold pieces. Surely, they can give you the quickest disbursement. They also buy bullion coins and ingots, so if you have coins and ingots you may sell the items to them too.

Be wary that you do not sell your item to pawn shopss. Bear in mind that a pawn shop is out only to make money. Many cases they buy items at the price of the gold value only. If the item has the diamond or gemstone on it, they will not include it to the price value. Later on, if you would go back to the pawn shop you will see your jewelry on sale for hundreds more than they have bought it from you.

You’ll encounter some that do not appraise stones, but don’t be easily fooled. So be careful. Some suggest putting your jewelry on sale through an online market such as amazon or ebay. However, some hesitate selling online due to complaints or fraud. Check online for respectable retailers and merchants, Silver and Gold Exchange is one of them .

5. Sell your items at the right time

Once you have gathered all the pertinent data about your jewelry, then it is time to market and sell your item. However, wait for the time where in gold is in its highest cost. You will be able to determine when it’s the perfect time because you have been monitoring the value of gold on a daily basis. When you have determined its perfect time, do not hesitate to sell it.

Retailing your gold piece at its highest worth is not hard to achieve. Just do these steps and do not waver to sell it for surely you will not feel as if you have been robbed or cheated.

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